Innovative firms

COLORSET – Eng. Zdeněk Švéda

Business Reg. No.: 156 21 421

Since 1998 the company has been engaged in surface finishes with powder paints and locksmith production.  They successfully implemented a development of their own steel structures modular system called FILIP. The advantages and considerable timeless variability of this system have been appreciated especially by customers in the implementation of development and production of several dozen automatic and semi-automatic production lines and machinery in our country as well as abroad. Currently they are launching types of new energy-saving LED lighting. They offer this lighting as a complement to the FILIP system, as well as individually according to the needs of small customers.


Eng. Zdeněk Švéda



DonGemini s.r.o.

Business Reg. No.: 25754211


DonGemini s.r.o. is a purely a Czech company engaged in the research, development and the manufacture of  devices for washing and cleaning without phosphates, zeolites and silicates. It is among the first companies in Europe, who have been successfully implementing technologies based on composition without these ingredients on an industrial scale for many years. In practice, in many cases it means better washing results than with conventional preparations intended for industrial laundries.


Eng. Eva Kostkanová




EUROICE s.r.o.

Business Reg. No.: 455 39 081


Euroice has become the main partner of EuropePharma regarding representation in the Czech Republic. EuropePharma is an international community of investors focused on the development and manufacture of food products and pharmaceuticals. It has a team of skilled professionals to perform their activities, who specialise in the development of innovations and

the application of innovative products in industrial production.


Jiří Jiruška






Business Reg. No.: 273 79 671 

The company deals mainly with the production of Czech hemp products under the brand of HEMP PRODUCTION CZ - cosmetics, food, glazes paints etc. Hemp food are intended for all social and age groups. They contain ingredients necessary for the healthy development of children as well as adults. The production of all products exclusively use the seeds of approved varieties of hemp – technical hemp that DOESN’T CONTAIN psycho-active ingredients of delta 9 - THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).


Václav Říha 


BTT s.r.o.

Business Reg. No.: 278 96 811 

It develops shaped rigid biofuels based on biomass and bio-waste and its use in boiler rooms and wood-gas stations. The focus of the BTT production program is based on creating the conditions for the production and experimental use of material base for the combined production of electricity and heat under the system of full processing and utilisation of waste biomaterials.


Eng. Miroslav Kopečný




Business Reg. ID: 02413001 

The company is engaged in the production of biologically dried biomass (BDB) on aerobic aerated belt heaps. This manufacturing process is very similar to composting, but the stabilisation of the process uses only the thermal composting phase without the intake of other fluids. The company also deals with the production of substrate (compost) for the reclamation on aerobic aerated belt heaps.

Eng. David Dytrich



FESTKA s.r.o. 

Business Reg. ID: 24735248

The progressive young Czech brand of Festka Bicycles is dedicated to the design, proposal and hand-made unique bicycles, tailor-made accessories. The company is focused on optimising the product design from the outset of the proposal in order to create the prototype of a bicycle that uses the advantage of the combination of carbon composite parts and parts manufactured using 3D metal printing. The company strives to offer its customers a full custom service, beginning with frames through jerseys, up to providing training or routes for cycling. It offers and secures everything a cyclist could need. Festka came to attention with the sandwich pipe frames of its own design, which are highly resistant to punctures, and a new generation of tubes which will absorb unwanted vibration. Festka’s aim is to continuously develop and improve their products and services to the satisfaction of their customers.

Ondřej Novotný



InvestCorp, spol. s r. o.

Business Reg. No.: 155 31 309


The company has been involved in manufacturing, research-development and innovation activities in the field of engineering and technical consulting services in close relation to the current needs of manufacturing practice. It also deals with increasing the professional level of workers in engineering and actively contributes to increasing the interest of the younger generation in technical fields. In recent years, it successfully solved the technology of deep drawing for the needs of the automotive industry, production of high precision parts made from plastics for machine technology. It also deals with the development of precision tools for machining, stamping, development of lifting equipment for the cyclotron, development and manufacture of forming machines and production lines.


JUDr. Zdena Kuzdasová, Secretary


2 JCP a.s.

Business Reg. No.: 472 86 393


2 JCP a.s. as one of the fastest growing companies in the field of welded structures not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide, the emphasis on the continuous development of manufacturing and human resources, which makes it competitive on the world markets. 

In a long-term strategy, the company aims to modernise and streamline production, which is a prerequisite for further increasing the productive potential and improving the quality of products and services. Currently, it focuses very strongly on their own development and research with the aim of expanding the services offered by for example the proposals of acoustic solutions and development of its own products with the application in industrial production. 

Pavel Čechal – Chairman of the Board


JIMIPLET s.r.o. 

Business Reg. No.: 262 18 071 

In 2011 JIMIplet won the Innovative Star category in a competition called Czech Innovation 2011. They won the competition with the following product: "Replacement of input material for use in orthopaedic orthotics."


They put great emphasis on quality and the wholesomeness of the produced knitted fabrics. The company holds the licensee of SOTEX to use the trademark of pictograms. We pay great attention to the development and innovation of new products and manufacturing programs, such as the development of anti-bacterial knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics for healthcare, etc.


Jimiplet products include a wide range of knitted fabrics. The knitted fabrics worth mentioning are fabrics containing organic cotton or Egyptian cotton called MAKO, then the knitted fabrics containing bamboo or COOLMAX polyester yarn, PAD knitwear.The antibacterial nano-knitwear, knitted fabrics for medicine and braces, or technical textiles are very notable.

Eng. Mikuláš Dániel

Sklárna Elias Palme s.r.o.

Business Reg. No.: 254 47 718

The company collaborates with the oldest glass school in Europe (Vocational High School in Kamenický Šenov is celebrating 160 years since its foundation) in the researches of museum archives, old warehouses as well as private collections. They search the fragments of the original operation, warehousing and manufacturing documentation, which were incomprehensibly devastated after the Second World War and the following decades.

Co-operation with leading Czech glass specialists, experienced technologists and leading glassmakers allow working by using the original system of glass production as well as following the latest trends in colours used or unique material composition. The use of certain materials ranks the company among the most unique in the world.


Yvetta Pazderková



VUMS  DataCom spol. s r.o.

Business Reg. No.: 48585611

The company provides top technologies and solutions in the field of telecommunications and data networks, the availability of data services, safety and quality of data communications. The company uses the latest knowledge and technologies in the field of data communications for design, implementation, delivery and support of customer solutions with a high value for all operators of data networks.

František Pěč



MIKRON plus, s.r.o. 

Business Reg. No.: 250 00 586

The company operates in the field of mechanical engineering with a focus on precision machining and the production of measurement technology. It also provides heat and surface treatment for metals.

Eng. Jaromír Jemelík