Cooperating companies

Partners of CAVD for applied research, development and innovation

ALFA SCRAP, s.r.o.

Company is mainly engaged in waste management.


B.A.HÉLIOS spol- s r.o.

Traffic Organization, maintenance and the performance sustainability of photovoltaic power        plants.


Baktoma spol. s.r.o.         

Application of the bacterial method for increasing biogas production.

BIOPPRO s.r.o.       

Treatment of biodegradable waste and the production of biofuels.

Brettl Josef, CSc.         

An individual partner. He deals mainly with combined sources of electricity and heat.

BTT s.r.o.       

Wood waste processing. Production of pellets and briquettes.

DAG – TS s.r.o.

Company is mainly engaged in development and production of protective systems for preventing the transmission of the explosion and the flame of explosive gases and vapors.

Don Gemini s.r.o.              

The company dealing in utilization of the ozone method for cleaning of laundry water, development of washing agents, cleansing and cleaning without phosphates, zeolites and silicates.

Duša Milan DAG Agency  

Pelletizing and packaging technology.

EKOPANELY CZ s.r.o.     

 The company producing The new and unique construction element labeled EKOPANEL (currently single producer in Europe).

ELTECO a.s. 

A comprehensive solution to the energy systems.


Company dealing particularly in utilization of renewable energi resources and related operations, i.e. research and development in the field of natural sciences, and technical  sciences, performing of ecological measuring and counseling.


EUROICE s.r.o. 

The company is engaged in the production of frozen semi-finished products and food, including dietary supplements.

FF Servis spol. s.r.o. 

Development, productions in the field of natural and technical sciences. Production of food and consumables.


FAKEER s.r.o.

development, production, promotion and distribution of energy drinks on herbal phase.


FOSTIA, s.r.o.  

Using of measurement and testing renewable energy sources.

Frolík Jiří, Ing.  

An individual partner dealing in development of rotary and heat engines.

FVE ONE s.r.o.

Photovoltaics; development and testing new types of photovoltaic cells and foils.

FVE TWO s.r.o.    

Photovoltaics; optimizing operations, maintenance and sustainable output of PVE.

GELINTA s.r.o.   Development and production of functional foods.

Glazer Jozef

Development and manufacture of the unique countercurrent capillary heat exchangers.


The company dealing in cultivation of industrial hemp and subsequent processing and  sale of hemp products.


HERKULES spol. s.r.o.

Applied research, engineering activities in the field of biotechnology and renewable energy.


CheckTerra s.r.o.

Collecting from geospatial data with using the unmanned air vehicles on the principle of aerial photogrammetry.Geographic information systems and consulting in the field of geodesy.


Import and application of nano - fertilizer AGRO.

NetPro systems, s.r.o.

Electronic control systems, development of specialized software, intelligent  house.

OBAMO s.r.o.

Company dealing in ecological package processing.

Ondřej Piňos  

Magnetic engines for power generation.


Commercial company dealing particularly in development, projection and realization of engineering technologies focused on renewable energy resources.

Pulda Jindřich

J. Pulda  Processing technologies and tools for woodworking. Briquetting and pelletizing lines and business with briquettes and pellets.

RTT, a.s.

is mainly engaged in waste management, consultancy in the field of ecology, and remediation of contaminated sites, asbestos and oil products contamination. Further with areas reclamation, with a focus on environmentally friendly technologies.

SALSE s.r.o.

Processing deoxidizing ingredients in steel, cutting steel castings and treatment of waste for reuse.

SeaRace s.r.o.

Popularization of new technologies aimed at recovery and conversion of waste, participation in the development and use of new technologies for waste treatment and monitoring of the most polluted areas in the seas and oceans.

Shimadzu Handels GmbH, organizační složka  

The company dealing in project  activities and technical consulting in  the field of  spectroscopy, liquid and gas chromatography


Studio handmade of blown glass.


Research, development and production in the field of electro technology, particularly applied development of electromagnetic technologies, EMC, EMI,EMP.

Společnost Larive Slovakia s.r.o.

Support for the development of international business and trade, including brokering and search for partners.

STYREXON CZ, spol. s r.o.

Import and sale of thermal insulation and rehabilitation system STYREXON and materials STYRCON for the construction of low energy and passive buildings.


Non-state medical facility specialized in the modern trends of medicine.

TRIGAD s.r.o.

Preparation, realization and operation of buildings would supply renewable energy.

Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s.

Manufacturing plant, specialized in production of lime, lime hydrate, crushed and milled limestone.

VUMS  DataCom spol. s r.o.

The company providing high-end technologies and solutions in the field of     telecommunications and data networks, availability of data services, security and quality of data communications. 

Vývojový tým SLZA

Development of devices operating with ozone technology in industrial applications, building prototypes and their equipment performance systems and preparing to implement them.

TEDOM  a.s.

Development and production of cogeneration units with gas combustion engines. Manufacture of power equipment is effectively tied to the production of road vehicles through the production of its own engines.

TRC - trade Ltd.

The company is engaged in trade, production and processing of vegetable oils. Furthermore with imports of goods, consultancy and searching for business partners in Southeast Asia.