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Benefits of joining the VTP for holders of intellectual property or start-up firms

The benefits of joining the STP for holders of intellectual property rights or start-ups:


Obtaining the necessary facilities, rest for further work and the ability to complete and develop your products


* equipped office space, presentation space and facilities

* unique instrumentation of laboratories and workshops in one place

* technical support (web)


Safety and security of controlling the capitalisation of intellectual property through the STP


Complete business service at reasonable prices


* security of buildings and business premises

* legal advice and representation

* accounting and tax consultancy

* patent and legal protection

* grant consultancy

* sales and marketing activity towards investors (corporations, government, retail chains)


Financial resources to complete the product and application development


* participation in grant programmes with the support of experienced grant consultants

* investors in start-ups

* bank loans

* private sources


Cooperation for the realisation of research and development


* cooperation with reputable organisations and leading experts in a given field

* cooperation with partner companies, knowledge institutions and other STPs

* cooperation with universities and research institutions

* personal contacts with the leading science, research, technology and trade experts


 Financial effect and satisfaction of your achievements


What does joining the STP offer to an investor?


Investments in outputs of applied science and research realisation


* currently one of the most gainful areas with huge profit potential for the future




* cooperation with reputable organisations and major research institutions


Competitive advantage


* inspiring environment, the concentration of top companies; the latest applications and information on trends


Access to grant funds


* targeted searches of subsidies and subsidy application processing by reputable advisors will reduce the need for long-term anchoring of your own financial sources that can be used in any other way


Compound near Prague


* modern equipped office space and laboratories


Creating think tanks


* close cooperation with partner companies and knowledge institutions


Unique instrumentation in laboratories and workshops


* special interest of companies in the field of nanomaterials


Exceptional financial benefits for the capitalisation of the STP achievements


* selling patents, licences, utility models, etc.