History of the areal
1982 - 2001

The base air defense

At the time of deep totality in the early eighties, there was a very modern base (for its time) of the State Air Protection unit (SAP) built there under the strictest secrecy.

The total area of the base was about 90 hectares and was divided into several parts. The smaller part, which is where the CAVD is located, was formed by a rearward operation, i.e. an accommodation for the crew and a command post, including a kitchen block, stores, cinemas, sports facilities, etc.

The base was equipped with locating devices capable of detecting the movement of airborne targets over the territory of Central Europe.

The base was found to be unnecessary in 2001; any military equipment was dismantled and taken away. The complex was handed over to the city of Dobříš.

Since 2007, there has been a search for a suitable use for this military brownfield, but due to its specific characteristics like its location in the middle of the woods as well as technical and technological, the search has not been easy.

2008 - Establishment of the CAVD Science and Technology Park project.

With the cooperation of dozens of experts, the project approaches its real form.

2011 - 2016

The STP CAVD Project Implementation

Only in 2011, a synergistic effect which attracted the attention of top experts from various fields and disciplines was managed to be reached by a unique combination of using ‘insular potential’ of the site in the Brdy protected landscape area and a development technological workplace based on making use of the latest technology and research. Especially in the field of renewable energy sources and natural resource protection.

Since 2012, the schedule of construction and engineering activities within the construction of a technology park of the Dobříš Centre for Applied Research (CAVD) was starting to be fulfilled.

There was the everyday hustle and bustle of dozens and dozens of discussions and meetings with representatives of universities, research institutes, companies, inventors, officials, scientists, students, architects, builders, contractors, interested people... etc.
One of the successfully completed
projects of the Dobříš Centre
for Applied Research,
which specialises in 3D printing of
metal as one of the first in the Czech Republic.

Present and Future of the Technology Park

From the very beginning, the goal has been to build something that is more than just a lettable area.

This goal is to create an ‘incubator’ of ideas and applications that will one day form our future history.

What you see today is only the beginning of a process of revitalisation of the entire former base. There are already the plans for phase II and III in the minds of designers. Plans that will bring more jobs to the surrounding municipalities and contribute to the further development of the region and preserve the richness and beauty of the surrounding countryside.