Grounds CAVD

Dobříš Centre for Applied Research – CAVD


Science and Technology Park (STP) is focused on:

  • renewable energy resources and the optimisation of their use in practice
  • renewal and maintenance of clean environment, water and air
  • development and introduction of new materials and putting new manufacturing processes into practice

We support business projects based on the application of the latest scientific knowledge and technologies and have a chance to succeed on the domestic and global market.

CAVD s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as "CAVD") is a private company, working closely with leading university, research and development centres. However, the CAVD is not a scientific research organisation. It doesn't do research but helps to apply the results of research and development into practice.

The CAVD is a member of the Science and Technology Parks Association CR (STPA CR).

The CAVD is building a science and technology park with the assistance of subsidies from the European funds under the Enterprise and Innovation Operational Programme (EIOP).
Self-sufficiency in the times of growing globalisation process and the distributors’ efforts of maximum dependence on central sources is the main search engine for optimal solutions and sometimes even the most daring examples of technologies for processing ‘waste’ from wood material installed in the compound:

  • Biomass station for the production of heat and EE
  • Briquetting line
  • Production of formed solid biofuel based on biowaste

CAVD Compound Architecture

Eng. arch. Ondřej Duchan is signed under the bold architectural design of the former military brownfield.
He managed to breathe entirely new life into the compound. With prominent shapes of front portals formed by the slatted basis made of special wooden beams he supressed the original typical character of the first staff buildings standing on guard over the Warsaw Pact countries while managing to keep the positive features that distinguish the military architecture by a shape-legible or austere design. Clear proportions, all subject to functionality, purity of shapes and particularly a large space fully utilisable for further development of the park.
An important part of the compounds architecture is the nature itself, the surrounding forests acting like an inexhaustible source of more inspiration and relaxation.