About a project

The project on building the science and technology park (STP) compound

The project on building the science and technology park (STP) compound           


The project is focused on the construction of the STP which will provide the resources necessary for high-tech companies with a high innovation value. The results of basic research and development here will be transformed into concrete entrepreneurial innovations. Innovative products and processes will be further developed, tested, presented and helped to market within the STP.


The STP also includes  a Business Incubator (BI)


The goal of the BI is to build a base for spin-offs and start-ups and provide them with further significant support in the form of counselling and consultation services, technical expertise, modern laboratory equipment and other benefits from sharing the STP common areas.


What is the potential of the CAVD?


Investors are offered the opportunity to establish the Science and Technology Park on about 12 ha of the former military brownfield. The aim is to build a set of multi-purpose buildings situated in the surrounding area of ​​the great urban industrial agglomeration – the capital of Prague.


This plan allows, in cooperation with universities and scientific institutes, both realising the planned STP project and providing room for the application of broad business activities for starting as well as longer enterprising subjects. A prerequisite for  successful fulfilment of these plans is an active mutual cooperation among all partners of the CAVD Science and Technology Park.


Currently, the partnership structure of the CAVD STP is created by dozens of manufacturing companies and entrepreneurial companies and 15 universities, schools, faculties and research institutes in the country.


The gradual creation of joint teams of universities, research institutes and innovative companies resulted in several common tasks, the implementation of which has already been  worked on intensively .


An important part of the CAVD work is the care and developing activities of the Business Incubator and providing a comprehensive range of services to all partner innovative companies associated with the Park. The STP is definitely not closed before the requests for assistance or cooperation with other interested members including talented students, graduates and entrepreneurs with viable ideas, suggestions or inventions, and gradually concentrates the entire system of services that are often very difficult or expensively available to the very individuals - those interested in innovative business.